I joined this agency because I’m a single lady who has had a few disasters with on-line dating, (what you see is not what you get!).

The difference is, I was interviewed and thoroughly vetted to see if I was, who I said I was, as all their clients are. The staff personally matched me with a suitable man on their books. They arranged the date in neutral place (they suggest we met for coffee first) I feel safer with this style of dating. The agency are with you every step of the dating scene,  they keep my details private and my photo and profile won’t be found on-line. This is a safer way of dating and after a few close calls on-line I will be staying with Karen’s and Kim’s Introductions until I meet Mr Right. (Hopefully)

Nicola (58 years old)

Medway towns

It was frankly refreshing to meet a woman in real life and not on some dating site that’s not a real person. Having been on dating sites before it’s been a real disaster,  thank goodness for Karen and Kim Introductions  “what a great bunch of ladies”.

Mark (55 years old)


I would like to send a personal thank you to all at Karen and Kim Introductions in particularly Kim.

I had never used an introduction agency before and I was very apprehensive after my divorce.  I was looking for a caring personal service and that is exactly what I got from Karen and Kim Introductions. They offered a truly professional service, very understanding, kind and patient in their field.

After a lot of thought and dithering I decided to approach Karen and Kim Introductions.  I put my trust in them and extremely quickly I was introduced to some really interesting and suitable ladies.  Kim got to know me so well and quickly after our first initial meeting at my home that within a couple of months I was introduced to someone very special and 9 months later we are planning our future together.

I owe a big thank you for transforming my life.

David (57 years old)


Since being widowed, I have found it difficult to go out and meet new people, on-line dating is not for me.  When I saw an advert in Kent Life about Karen and Kim’s Introductions and how they differ from the on-line dating sites, (the old fashioned way), I thought I would try them. The owners are very caring, they pay great attention to detail when trying to fix me up. I have met some very nice ladies and feel this is a safe and secure way of meeting people. It’s boosted my confidence and helped me move on with my life. I now have an active social life and lots to look forward too!


John (64 years old)


After breaking up with my husband I thought I would try on- line dating, big mistake what a shock it was like a cattle market. I was about to give up but was told about Karen and Kim Introductions Agency. What a difference I have only just joined and enjoyed a nice experience. So far I have had three dates that were very nice and I’m looking forward to more.

Jane (49 years young)